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I'm just a Caterpillar. Time to hop in the cocoon until July 19. Hopefully I get some smooth wings. 


June 22, 2024 3:40a.m.

There's a DJ here in the cocoon. I can't help but dance. I wonder how this will influence my wings :/

The DJ has  been playing mostly: 

1. Theo Junior - Championship

2. Kygo & Plested - Me Before You 

3. LUIS - Clown

4. Young Thug - Twisting Our Fingers

5. Le Mano 1.9 & Niska - Canon 

June 25 2024 01:40a.m.

Motion of a caterpillar , I need wings....luckily there's a gym in this cocoon.

June 27 2024 02:00a.m.

"To be  or not to be? That is the question"

June 28 2024 10:21a.m.


July 1, 2024 00:33a.m.

When I look back at it... I suppose I did what any elite business would do when they were failing. Hire a consultant from either Mckinsey or BCG. Show them my work. Take the criticism and evaluation. Regrow the business from there. 

July 3, 2024 17:41

Snack After Nap.png

They say a player dies twice. Once at the end of their career. The other when life is over.  I suppose I'm a cat, I've died more than twice. 

July 5, 2024 04:58

In a world full of text messages. I'm willing to fly to the sky to get a feather from an eagle, and swim in the ocean for the ink of the Octopus just so I can send a message.

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